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Bill Bruford – The Autobiography

Bill Bruford - The Autobiography

Ever since I’ve read Miles Davis’ autobiography I’m a sucker for that kind of biographical books. Over the years I’ve read many of em, like for example the brilliant ‘Life’ about Keith Richards or Dave Mustaines grim tales. But never I’ve read a self written autobiography by a musician this erudite and well written. Bill B single handedly kills all the funny jokes about dumb drummers. It’s actually written as a bunch of answers to often asked questions and assembled smartly so that it reads as a biography. Instead of the often dull first couple of chapters about childhood and then following the timeline until a certain moment not to long ago, this book switches back and forth in time, mixing stories about King Crimson and Yes with his later adventures as a jazz-drummer and musings about the modern day music industry…. It makes it a pleasurable read not only for fans of the mans music, but also for people interested in the mechanics of the music industry or just in a good read. The book tends to drag a little near the end, especially the musings about the insecurities of being an elderly statesman of rock compared to the young and technical very skilled drummers of nowadays. But all in all the book is interesting enough to read all the way to the last page.