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And suddenly I realize I haven’t written a blog about yoga yet….

And while I only started doing yoga about 2 years ago it has a real important place in my life right now. Right next to music and reading. So what to say about it. I have no idea. I could start by telling that I’m very excited to be attending a Workshop of David Swenson this coming weekend. Starting tonight. Or I could start by telling how much good it does and has done me over the last years. I have becoming healthier, lost weight and became more relaxed, happier even. Much happier.

Like I said, I started a good two years ago when I became a member of my gym. The fantastic wellness and sports centre at Noordwijk called Azzurro (check em out: They didn’t have a lot of yoga-lessons at that time though, so I started two morning lessons Hatha yoga. I didn’t like it one bit. I felt stiff and clumsy and when I looked at all the difficult asana’s my courage ran out the door. I quit after two or three lessons. (later I took it up again for some time and liked it better though..)

Some time later I attended an easy flow Ashtanga lesson. Now that was more like it! I liked it very much, and was hooked instantly (thanks also to the fantastic teacher Lot Kasander). In the mean time the Yoga classes had gotten more popular and there where more lessons to follow. So I became a yogi….. (or as David Swenson mentioned: a yoga practitioner, a yogi being someone who spent maybe years in solitude in the mountains or so..)

Now I work offshore in the Oil and Gas industry. On an iron island in the middle of the Northsea I started using yoga as a warm up for regular gym sessions but after my at the time yoga teacher Ruben gave me the advice to buy the ‘short forms’ dvd of David Swenson, which I did, I soon stopped doing the boring weighlifting stuff and just did yoga. Every night.

Fast forward to now. I stopped all the other exercise programs. I just do yoga. Power yoga, Ashtanga and yin yoga. Almost everyday. I lost almost 20 kgs body weight. I feel strong. I feel great.